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Polyfoam-RGC International Corporation -
Muffler Division

        Polyfoam-RGC's strategic alliance with Futaba of Japan started in 1998. Futaba, established in 1945, is Japan's leading manufacturer of automotive mufflers and exhaust systems. It has global alliances with other top international auto parts-makers. Using the latest industrial machines and modern integrated systems, Futaba manufactures body and ornamental components as well as functional chassis. Its major clientele includes some of the biggest names of carmakers in the world -- Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Hino, Daihatsu, and Yamaha.

      Through its exclusive arrangement with Futaba, Polyfoam-RGC has acquired the technical expertise and technological capacity to produce highly innovative and world-class quality products for transport companies. Its flagship brand is Soundex Mufflers, a range of new generation mufflers that emphasize precision engineering and design innovation. Soundex Mufflers are manufactured and quality-tested according to strict specifications from Japan. Totally machine-built with 100% imported materials, Soundex guarantees power performance, high endurance, and customer satisfaction.

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