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Mayer Velvet Division

Raschel Knitting Machine

     Known as the leading velvet-manufacturer in the country, Mayer Velvet produces millions of meters of world-class quality fabric each year for its clients in the furniture and automotive industries.

     Working on various machines from Germany, Japan and Korea such as the Warping Machine, High Speed Winding Machine and Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine, Mayer Velvet expertly creates a wide range of technical and industrial velvet materials.  Using the Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine for instance, Mayer Velvet manufactures fabric, a product used in Europe as a cushioning material for high-end footwear and for automotive parts.

     Mayer Velvet also manufactures these products: plain dyed polyester velvet, printed polyester velvet, embossed polyester velvet, polyester corduroy fabric, plain acrylic velvet, knitted designed acrylic velvet, and embossed acrylic velvet.

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